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John Eversole provides nearly forty years of experience in product liability and aviation litigation to serve his clients at Lytal, Reiter, Smith, Ivey & Fronrath.

Mr. Eversole has been involved in the specialties of product liability and aviation litigation for over thirty-seven years. He holds several engineering and business degrees, obtained before he went to law school. Before entering the practice of law, Mr. Eversole was an Air Force Captain in Systems Command. In the Air Force, he flew test flights in F-15’s, F-16’s, F-4’s and many other aircraft to test air-to-air weapon systems and to determine the performance of the aircraft under certain extreme conditions, such as high Mach numbers, high altitudes, and various combat maneuvers and scenarios.

“I have represented families of loved ones lost in tragic accidents including airplane crashes, electrocutions, swimming pool accidents, cruise ship accidents, vehicle crashes including rollovers and crashworthiness, marine hydraulic steering system failures, throttle linkage failures, failures of air traffic controllers, fuel feed system failures, CG and weight and balance errors, and other cases involving highly technical issues. I have handled cases against numerous domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers, aircraft manufacturers, medical equipment manufacturers, hospitals, hotels, resorts (such as Club Med), and manufacturers of all types of equipment.”

John provides national and international knowledge and experience that very few attorneys can provide by today’s standards of specialization. His legal and investigative prowess is brought to every case and client.